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Mike's programs address the areas of effective leadership, employee motivation, talent development, customer service, strategic planning, and change management that consistently generate positive results.
Beauty, Passion, Love
Powerful words, powerful meanings and powerful strategies to boost profits and people!
Ignite sales and profits! Inspire your workforce! Develop and retain the best talent! After 25 years of successfully leading retail organizations with passion and love, Mike Osorio can help you deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

This high-energy program can be tailored to either leaders (conferences, strategic planning meetings) or to front line staff (product knowledge meetings, sales training) involving the audience from start to finish. Whether as a keynote speech, breakout session, or a half to full day program, your team will leave with tactics and strategies that they can put to work immediately — boosting profits and people!

What can you expect from Beauty, Passion, Love?
  • Discover how experiencing beauty allows you to connect passionately to your goals.
  • Rediscover your passion for your product, your brand, your business.
  • Learn to connect product passion to selling passion.
  • Hear why leaders should want to be liked, and what it takes to be liked.
  • Discover why passion and love belong in the business world
  • And much, much, more!
Passion For Action
Stop Dreaming and Start Doing
Mike provides breakthrough tips and techniques to take your audience from wanting, learning, hoping, dreaming, to consistently achieving and succeeding. You can have it all!

Mike's methods are comprised of 25 years of retail leadership experience AND significant research, featuring some of the leading names in personal productivity. These methods dramatically change how you perceive your current limitations, giving you an edge toward the pursuit of great achievements.

With Passion for Action
  • Rid yourself of defeatist attitudes. Power through periods of self-doubt and low energy.
  • Go from overwhelmed to overachiever!
  • Ideas, preparation, knowledge… all worthless without the power of action.
  • Learn how real happiness stems from taking action in line with your character and values.
  • Includes a powerful goal setting program that is easy to understand and implement.
  • And so much more!
Accelerating Comp Sales
25 Ways to Increased Sales & Profits with More Traffic, More Conversion, and More Value per Transaction
Mike Osorio teaches you and your team the secret to accelerating comp sales!

In this high-energy, participatory program, Mike shows you and your team how to utilize his 25 techniques to increase sales and profits for months, quarters, and even years to come!

In Accelerating Comp Sales

  • Learn the only means to increase comp sales: Traffic, conversion, and value per transaction.
  • 8 ways to Create and drive more traffic!
  • 10 ways to Turn up the volume on conversion!
  • 7 ways to Amplify the value of each transaction!
  • Plus, 3 bonus techniques!
Unleash Your Champions
Finding and Keeping the "Franchise Players"
"Champions" are top performers who inspire, energize, and lead groups and entire organizations to long-term success! After 25 years as a retail leader, Mike knows how to identify and retain key players. Learn the tools and techniques of identifying and unleashing your champions!

Highlights from Unleashing your Champions
  • The 4 characteristics of true Champions.
  • Why top performance does not always mean "Champion".
  • Learn how your leadership style affects the development of Champions.
  • Why "high maintenance" may not be a bad thing.
  • When to provide feedback and coaching, and when to get out of the way.
  • And more!
Contagious Customer Service
Taking the Lip Service out of Customer Service
In order to deliver positively contagious customer service, you must first have a positively contagious working environment for your employees. In this program, Mike teaches audiences how to inspire employees to deliver customer experiences that create raving fans.

In today's web 2.0 world, customer experiences are broadcast in real time — potentially to millions — through the viral nature of online social media. In this environment, it has never been more critical to ensure that all customer touch points yield positive experiences. Give customers service, not "lip" service. Mike offers ready-to-implement methods to turn your team on to turn your customers on.

In Contagious Customer Service
  • Learn how to develop an engaged, customer-centric culture.
  • Inspire your team's passion for your product or service.
  • Turn product passion into selling passion.
  • Learn to utilize today's web 2.0 tools to your (and your customers') advantage
  • And more!