Unleashing Your Champions

Finding and Keeping the “Franchise Players”


25 years as a retail leader has taught Mike how to identify and retain the key top performers who inspire, energize, and lead groups and entire organizations to long-term success.  He calls these key players “Champions”.  Now, Mike brings to your organization the tools and techniques for you to find and unleash your champions!


Laura is a superstar new hire in sales.  She’s excited and ready to contribute and make a real difference.  Unfortunately, within several months Laura loses her energy and enthusiasm.  By the

end of the first year she’s had enough and leaves the company disappointed and disillusioned. 

What happened?


David has been in the tech area for several years and does a decent job but is feeling underutilized

and is considering a job offer from a competitor.  A new supervisor comes on board and takes the time to learn about each of the team members, including David.  She finds out that David has great ideas for improving customer service levels, which she adopts after the Customer Service team agrees.  David stays and, within several months, sales climb steadily. David is moved into a leadership role in the customer service area. What happened?


While there is no silver bullet for identifying and retaining the best talent, there are some things every organization can do to help keep employees happy, keep retention rates high, identify true champions, and help them and the whole team to contribute up to and beyond their talent levels.


In this fast paced program, which will involve your audience from start to finish, Mike brings you tips and techniques that you can immediately implement to bring Champions to the forefront and help ensure their long-term contributions to your organization’s success.


Highlights from Unleashing your Champions

and nurturing champions


“Mike establishes a comfort zone immediately where people feel at ease and eager to learn. His passion driven values on leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business strategy are loaded with powerful ideas and strategies that are simple and easy to apply for immediate pay-off. His consistent level of energy motivates and reaches every person in a room.” Joice Bethke, Director of Training, Gottschalks


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To your success!