Passion for Action

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing


You can have it all!  Mike brings audiences breakthrough strategies, tips and techniques to take you from wanting, learning, and dreaming to consistently achieving and succeeding. 


You’ve heard the stories (or lived them!):  The great intellect or talent that never accomplished their dreams because they never took the steps to success - out of fear, a negative attitude, failures and setbacks, etc. 


Less memorable, but equally tragic, are the thousands of people and organizations who do “reasonably well” but despite their dreams of greatness, settle for mediocre results.


You’ve also heard the inspiring stories of the individuals and organizations who, despite unbelievable obstacles, accomplished great things.  Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and many lesser-known—but equally inspiring—individuals probably come to mind. 


What separates these two groups?  The latter group took action. 


Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Just take action and you’ll be successful.  So why doesn’t everyone do it?  What is stopping you?


The methods Mike shares with you combine 25 years of professional retail leadership experience with significant research, featuring some of the leading names in personal productivity. These methods will dramatically change how you perceive your current limitations giving you an edge in the pursuit of great achievements.


With Passion for Action


“Mike is uniquely qualified to impassion a group of people to achieve goals they never thought they could reach.”  Frann Wolfe, Director of Marketing, Harry & David


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To your success!