Beauty, Passion, Love

Powerful words, powerful meanings and

powerful strategies to boost profits and people!


Discover that they already exist within you!


After 25 years of successfully leading retail organizations with passion and love, Mike Osorio is ready to help you ignite sales and profits, inspire your workforce, develop and retain the best talent, and ensure a customer experience that exceeds expectations.


Get ready for a personal and professional journey during which you will not only experience the concepts of Beauty, Passion, and Love, but will learn how to use them to their fullest potential and maximize your ability to consistently impact positive change.


Beauty! You will learn to appreciate the best in all things: products, people, and

everyday encounters.

Passion! You will experience beauty in ways that will enable you to control the

environment around you.

Love! You will "feel the love" in what you do and how to transmit it to others.


Fully experience Beauty, Passion and Love and commit to making a positive difference that is unique, sincere, genuine and most important, lasting!


If you answer Yes to any of these questions, the Beauty, Passion, Love program is for you!

~ Can you, your work group, and/or your company use an injection of passion? 

~ Are you launching a new product, brand, sales program, etc. and need fast results?

~ Do you want to ensure your planning conference attendees are able to maximize your strategic goals?

~ Is retention of executive and/or front line talent a key goal for your organization?

~ Do you need a highly entertaining, energizing, and relevant speaker for your next meeting?


This high-energy program can be tailored to either leaders (conferences, strategic planning meetings) or to front line staff (product knowledge meetings, sales training) involving the audience from start to finish. Whether as a keynote speech, breakout session, or a half to full day program, your team will leave with tactics and strategies that they can put to work immediately boosting profits and people!


What you will get from Beauty, Passion, and Love.

~ Discover how experiencing beauty allows you to connect passionately to your goals

~ Learn how to see the beauty in people, products, and situations - even when it isn't obvious

~ Rediscover your passion for your product, your brand, your business

~ Learn to connect product passion to selling passion

~ Hear why leaders should want to be liked, and what it takes to be liked

~ Discover why passion and love belong in the business world

~ Learn why you must demonstrate love and how to do so appropriately

~ And much, much, more!


Call 1.888.700.1873 or visit NOW to bring Mike to your next strategy session or team gathering.


Wishing you great success with Beauty, Passion, and Love,