Accelerating Comp Sales

25 Ways to Increase Sales & Profits with

More Traffic, Conversion, and Value per Transaction


Fresh off his 25 year tour of rocking the retail world, Mike Osorio is uniquely qualified to teach you and your teams the secrets of accelerating your comp sales!


Comp Sales:

In simple terms, the measurement of sales this year vs. last year in “comparable” stores – those open for at least a year. In more complex terms, “comp sales” is your and your company’s report card of performance. 


 How the “market” perceives comp sales performance: 

 Positive comp sales = a healthy, leading retailer, poised for greatness and long-term success!

 Negative comp sales = an early warning sign for potential troubles, losses and long-term failure.


Whether your current comps are positive or negative, you need to know and utilize the 25 techniques in Accelerating Comp Sales to ensure positive comps for months, quarters, and years to come!


Stop over-analyzing your sales results!  There are only three roads to increased comp sales: 

More traffic.  More conversion.  More value per transaction. 


This 60 to 90 minute high-energy, participatory program will show you and your team how to harness the POWER they have to increase sales and profits!


Create and Drive More Traffic!

         3 ways to maximize company-driven events and promotions

         5 ways to maximize grass-roots efforts

         PLUS!  A bonus technique shows you how to get your staff to embrace and maximize your company’s key growth strategies!


Turn up the Volume on Conversion!

         Learn why conversion is the most important measurement for employee performance and

the key to accelerating comp sales

         5 selling techniques to maximize every customer interaction

         3 ways to maximize product knowledge

         2 ways to use “down time” and “task time”

         PLUS! A bonus technique shows you how to get your staff passionate about increasing their personal conversion rate.


Amplify the Value of Each Transaction!

         2 ways to use the power of listening! 

         3 ways to profit from “link selling”

         2 ways to use size and quantity values

         PLUS!  A bonus technique shows you how finding and utilizing passion drives transaction size.


Call 1.888.700.1873 or visit NOW to bring Mike to your next strategy session or team gathering and ensure you are ready to deliver positive comps! 


To your success!