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Osorio Group is the realization of Mike's dream to combine his accomplished retail career with his passion for individual and organizational talent development.
About Osorio Group
Through the Osorio Group, Mike Osorio helps companies achieve market dominance by implementing specific strategies designed to out-market, out-sell, and out-service the competition.

Osorio Group offers business consulting, coaching and public speaking presentations for aspirational and luxury brands and retailers as well as individuals and organizations. The focus is on developing people that deliver an enhanced consumer experience, higher sustainable sales and greater financial growth.

Mike's core program offering includes:
Dare to be Contagious!™

This is the philosophy for Mike and the Osorio Group.

Creating a Contagious Brand Identity through Viral Customer & Employee Fanatics

All brands want "raving fans". Whether a retail brand or consumer product brand, Mike teaches executives, line managers, and sales associates their power to create truly engaged customers and employees who rave about the brand.

What is it about Mike Osorio that gets audiences excited? It's really very simple. He reaches people - from the senior executives to the front-line folks. He gets across new, important information with energy and passion - so people can grasp it, remember it, and use it - daring to be contagious! He offers audiences practical ideas that produce profitable bottom-line results. Mike's engaging style, powerful message and proven ability as a consummate business strategist consistently earns rave reviews.